About Us

Inspection Professionals Ltd. is dedicated to providing some of the best-trained home inspection professionals in the industry. We continually upgrade our knowledge in order to stay current with the newest products, technologies and processes.

Our inspectors have many years of building and construction experience and are members of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors ( CAHPI). 
We do follow the CAHPI code of ethics.

Our inspections exceed the CAHPI standards of practice.

Extensive training, many years of construction and renovation experience, combined with ongoing professional development, guarantee you qualified inspectors who understand how the various systems in your home interact.

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Home Inspection FAQs: (please click on a question to see the answer.)

1. What kind of training do home inspectors have?

2. What kind of guarantee do I get with my home inspection?

3. Why should I choose Professional Home Inspections?

What kind of training do home inspectors have?
There are more than 100 home inspectors in the Calgary area. Only some of these inspectors are properly trained and licensed home inspectors. CAHPI is the most recognized reputable organization in Canada to certify home inspectors and have the highest standards in the industry.

Many home inspectors are “certified” by other organizations which require a short, very easy test on the internet without any training. Most franchises have their own certification programs. These typically consist of one week training and then the person is “certified” and will do your inspection. Many franchise companies advertise that they did “over 50,000 inspections” – that may be the truth but these 50,000 inspections were done by 5000 inspectors in the USA and Canada – it does not tell you anything about individual inspector qualifications.

Many home inspectors have no inspection training at all. They have some construction background and only think they are qualified (they may offer you fantastic deals – usually for cash). 

Therefore it is very important when shopping for a home inspector to ensure that the inspector who is doing your inspection is qualified, experienced and licensed. Price should not be the main consideration when choosing a home inspector!

What kind of guarantee do I get with my home inspection?

We guarantee that your inspection will be conducted thoroughly and professionally by a fully qualified and licensed inspector. This is your best guarantee and insurance. We also ensure you that you will be fully satisfied with the inspection and with our services. We stand fully behind every inspection and our findings.

A home inspection is not a guarantee but a non-invasive visual examination of the readily accessible structure, systems and components of the home at the time of the inspection and is your best tool in making a confident and informed purchase decision.

Why should I choose Inspection Professionals Ltd.?

  • We have only experienced and qualified inspectors
  • We fully stand behind our inspections and take pride in our work
  • We give you a clear, comprehensive narrative report which contains technical illustrations where required for clarity
  • We offer free unlimited phone consultation for as long as you own the home.
  • We give you helpful maintenance tips and advise, repair solutions and lifecycle info.
  • We are experienced in finding moisture and mold
  • We give you free tips on how to improve your indoor air quality
  • Our inspections and reports exceed CAHPI and ASHI standards
  • We follow the CAHPI code of ethics
  • We do not pay or accept referral fees
  • We are a Canadian company, locally owned and operated
  • We have experience in residential home, condominium, mobile home and acreage inspections
  • We strive to be the best and your first choice in home inspection.

Mission Statement:

Inspection Professionals Ltd. is dedicated to providing professional, high quality home and property inspections.

A commitment to excellence, integrity and professionalism identify the business ethics of Inspection Professionals Ltd.

Effective communication, as well as ethics set out by CAHPI technical excellence, complimented by consistent training and professional development support our services.

Inspection Professionals Ltd.’s popularity and growth is based on a fundamental knowledge of business principles, continual improvement of quality of service, unmatched professionalism and accountability for their services.

Our vision is to be the home inspection company of choice for all potential clients

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