Calgary Home Inspection COVID-19 Response and Safety Protocol.

During the coronavirus pandemic, all inspection services will remain in service, but with strict protective and cautionary health and hygiene measures. We maintain full compliance with mandatory Alberta Health Services (AHS) safety and health regulations. This is in order to protect the health of all persons involved, including our inspector, clients, real estate partners, and homeowners. We abide by the following procedures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

  1. Normally, we prefer our clients attend the inspection. However, given the current pandemic, we are asking our clients not to attend the inspection. If this is not possible, then we ask attendance be limited to just one other person and preferably towards the end of the inspection. We would also ask our real estate partners to simply open up the residence or consider using a one-day code to access the property. We reserve the right to postpone or reschedule the inspection should anyone in attendance be displaying any flu-like symptoms. Thank you in advance for your understanding and compliance in this regard.
  2. Upon completion of the inspection, we will contact the client by phone, discuss our findings and recommendations, and answer any questions. The electronic report is typically forwarded the same day as the inspection or the next morning. We are available at any time to answer questions.
  3. We will be sanitizing our hands frequently during the entire inspection, while using our own hand-washing supplies. Sanitizing wipes will also be utilized for disinfecting surfaces we have touched during the inspection. A face mask and latex gloves will be utilized if deemed necessary by the inspector, or if the homeowner requests a mask and gloves be worn during the inspection.
  4. Be assured our inspector will not attend the inspection if they have a temperature, cough, or show other symptoms or signs of illness. Should the inspector take ill prior to an inspection, the real estate agent and/or client will be contacted as soon as possible to reschedule accordingly.
  5. We request clients, homeowners, and real estate agents notify us if they are ill or may have been in contact with someone showing symptoms of the COVID-19 illness.

By adding these protective measures to our inspection procedures, we can continue to ensure our clients receive the full benefits of a certified home inspection, while respecting and adhering to the mandated health and safety practices for COVID-19.

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