Calgary Maintenance and Pre-Renovation Inspections

Our professional inspection services provide a clear understanding of the present condition of your home. We will clearly communicate considerations involved in your renovation plans to promote timely completion of your renovation and a predictable renovation budget. We also conduct home inspections for the purpose of ongoing maintenance. If you plan to continue living in your home long term, you should be proactive about the health of your home. Identifying issues sooner rather than later can help you easily take care of issues with the repair or replacement of individual components, whereas waiting too long for an inspection can lead to the breakdown of entire systems. Ongoing, proactive maintenance is almost always less expensive than waiting until something breaks down completely. Our home maintenance inspections can also enhance your home’s operating efficiency, reducing costs and energy usage, which can be as simple as identifying filters that need cleaning or replacement on a regular basis. You’ll also learn about issues that might not need repair or replacement at the time of the inspection, but should be monitored over time, such as estimates of how many more years your roof has left, so you can start budgeting and saving now to avoid a large surprise bill later. We’ll also show you how to properly operate and maintain your home’s various components and systems.

You can take advantage of the following services to get everything you need for your home inspection:

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