Calgary Thermographic Imaging Services
All our Professional Inspections Include Thermal Imaging

Protect your investments with a Certified and Professional Home and Property.  Inspection Professionals is a certified Level 1 Infrared Thermographer with ITC-FLIR Canada. Thermal Imaging is an advanced, non-destructive and non-invasive technology used to measure small changes in the surface temperature of objects and locate potential problem areas in the home that can’t be seen by the naked eye. A thermal imaging camera cannot see through walls, but in properly trained hands, thermal imaging can reveal water and moisture intrusion from plumbing and roof leaks, energy issues from heat loss and air infiltration, missing insulation, electrical hot spots, and even the presence of rodents and insect infestations. Thermal images can also help reveal structural issues, foundation cracks, heating and air conditioning deficiencies, moisture intrusion in stucco and EIFS siding, broken seals in windows, as well as damaged and malfunctioning radiant heating systems.

We utilize thermal imaging during every inspection at no extra cost to ensure we consistently deliver a thorough and complete visual inspection. The information provided by thermal imaging is extremely valuable to both the prospective buyer and the homeowner alike—no home inspection is complete without one. When buying, selling, or renovating a home, reduce your risk of unexpected problems by hiring an inspector that is fully experienced and certified in thermography.

You can take advantage of the following services to get everything you need for your home inspection:

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