Calgary Indoor Air Quality, Hazardous Materials, and Faulty Systems Identification

We are experienced in identifying indoor air quality concerns and building products that could contain hazardous materials as well as problematic or obsolete systems and components. During our inspections, we look for underlying moisture issues and hidden sources of mold such as foundation cracks, roof and flashing leakage, plumbing leaks, poor attic and crawlspace ventilation, faulty HVAC equipment, and moisture intrusion behind walls and exterior siding. We are familiar with and can identify building materials that commonly contain asbestos and other hazardous materials and recommend if further sampling and laboratory testing should be undertaken. Our thorough inspections will also identify, describe, and provide recommendations for outdated and obsolete systems and components such as problematic HVAC equipment, polybutylene and Kitec supply piping, as well as aluminum and older knob and tube wiring.

You can take advantage of the following services to get everything you need for your home inspection:

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